Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Penscapes Steampunk

This week I'm working on painting two new designs for Penscapes, Oak leaves and Iceland poppy. I would love to show you but I have to wait till they are finalized. Instead I'll show you the box I designed for the steampunk series of pens.
I start with a nice wooden box then I carve out a space in the top to take a nice old steel engraving. Then I add some watch parts and fill the cavity with resin. I have to leave it a few days to set completely.
I bought some steel washers but they were too shiny, so I rusted them up a bit and added some metal powders before sealing the washer and drilling 
More visits to the hardware store and my antique book bits box and here's the final thing.
I hope it does justice to the amazing one of a kind fountain pens.
makes me want to learn metal smithing too. so many crafts, so little time.
this one is available exclusively at penoply.com

Friday, May 11, 2012


If it wasn't for my good friend Shari, I would have missed this great show in Walnut creek. well worth the trip this small but well curated show is called Outfitters, it ends this sunday so if you live close, go to see it if you can. here's a wee preview.
Dictionary shoes by Rose Sellery
Penance by Victoria May
little silk dresses by Laura Raboff


I have been driving around the bay are a lot this week, I went out to Sonoma county help my daughter move out of the dorms.  The grapevines draped over the hills in all their green finery, the queen anne's lace along the side of the road waving in the evening breeze..... and I was struck by what a beautiful place this is.
   The heat is settling in to the valleys and just beginning to turn the grass golden. Red wing blackbirds are noisily keeping guard of their nests. It reminds me of the year we spent on a farm when I was a kid, in the summer lying in a wheat field surrounded by the buzz of nature and an impossibly blue sky.