Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Penscapes Steampunk

This week I'm working on painting two new designs for Penscapes, Oak leaves and Iceland poppy. I would love to show you but I have to wait till they are finalized. Instead I'll show you the box I designed for the steampunk series of pens.
I start with a nice wooden box then I carve out a space in the top to take a nice old steel engraving. Then I add some watch parts and fill the cavity with resin. I have to leave it a few days to set completely.
I bought some steel washers but they were too shiny, so I rusted them up a bit and added some metal powders before sealing the washer and drilling 
More visits to the hardware store and my antique book bits box and here's the final thing.
I hope it does justice to the amazing one of a kind fountain pens.
makes me want to learn metal smithing too. so many crafts, so little time.
this one is available exclusively at penoply.com

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  1. WOW this is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the pen... and so glad I got to see YOU! :D