Sunday, September 14, 2014

First class of the season!

I love the Autumn. The sun is lower in the sky and the evenings  are so beautifully lit, as if Maxwell parish had arranged the entire thing.
             Yesterday was my first class of the season at Castle in the air.
And it was a wonderful welcome back after the summer. Such a fabulous group. I am so very fortunate to cross paths with such lovely people. We talked and laughed and ate macaroons and lemon cake and in the meantime we made needle felted Fraidy cats.

I'm always a little nuts before the first class. I pack up the kits for each person and then when normal folks would sit back and have a glass of wine, I attempt to stuff my entire studio in to the car. I try to think of everything I might possibly need that day which is truly bonkers as my poor little ADD brain
Is constantly heading down blind alleys and chasing wild geese. Still, I'm ok with it, I have come to appreciate the benefits of my particular  "issues" now that I work for myself and can arrange things to work for me. I try to fit the world to me instead of thinking I'm somehow broken. And my life has become a much better place to be because of it.
Nicho class is next on Wednesday, filling up boxes as I write this, do you think I might need to bring a table saw for this one?

By the way.........CASTLE IN THE AIR  is having a 40% off sale on  CP SHADES summer clothing, the loveliest silk and softest, finest linen . You are lovely, treat yourself!


  1. I love my Fraidy Cat that we made in class, but when I went to make another, I realize that I don't know how to make a head. Could you give me some instruction on that?


    1. Hi JoAnn
      The felt balls I brought to class were wet felted, and firmer than you really need for this project, but you can also make a ball with your felting needle.
      Take a length of roving and tie a knot in one end, now wrap the roving around the knot rolling the ball in your hand as you would to wind a ball of yarn.
      when it is a little larger than you need, use the felting needle to punch all over the ball always remembering to punch toward the center of the ball until it is firm.
      keep rolling the ball as you punch so that the surface becomes nice and tight.

      To wet felt it instead, run warm water over the ball until every side is wet, then place a drop of liquid soap in one palm and roll the ball in your cupped hands. You need to work very gently at first otherwise the ball will unravel. As you roll it around you will feel it become firmer and you can apply more pressure as you work, when it shrinks to the size you want rinse in warm water and then in cold squeezing and rolling the ball as you go, a quick roll in your hands to unify the shape and smooth the surface then let it dry. I usually squeeze most of the water out with a paper towel before I put it aside to dry.
      Try making balls in different sizes and colors, they make lovely garlands and are the felter's version of pompons.
      Hope this helps.
      Love, Caron.

  2. Thanks for your speedy reply, Caron. That's just what I needed to know!

  3. Love it! And I totally get what you mean about packing everything. If I'm driving to a class, there really cannot be any empty space in the car. xoxo!