Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little Red

yesterday I finished this little red riding hood tableau for the lovely Victoria.

Watercolor Class

Watercolor techniques class is tomorrow so today I will spend every moment preparing and packing up the car. I love to teach this class. People who have been interested in watercolor and intimidated by the technical side get to work hands on with the best quality materials and feel the magic happen for themselves. I teach this way because like most creative types I understand better when I do, also I just totally love it when people go OOH! and WOW! the way they do when color moves them, as it's supposed to do.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mixed Media Felt

Here are the Photos from last wednesdays mixed media needle felting class.

Thank-you everyone who came, it was such a great day and everything came out so beautifully!
If your piece is not here it's because I'm a little tech challenged and messed up with my camera, DO Please send me a pic and i'll post it

Class Photos are all in for my fall schedule at Castle in the air.
Here are a few with the dates. the schedule is not up yet on the castle site but will be really soon.

Woodland Gnome.    Saturday September 29th 10.30 -5.00

I will make the heads in advance, but also do a thorough demo. I used to make dolls for Magic Cabin, so I have lots of tips to make this process easier and more successful.

Nevermore Raven  Saturday October 27th 10.30-5.00

Its back! this was a very popular class and so much fun! so you will want to sign up early to be sure of a place.