Friday, September 25, 2009


My washing is in a pile in the hallway, the studio is in chaos and I've not seen the surface of the coffee table in a week, but hey check out my washing line! I'm dying wool for the class I'm teaching at Castle in the air on Sunday, in Berkeley. Looks like Autumn despite the hot weather.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ocean mist and cinnamon rolls

This lovely place is Bolinas lagoon. I love to go to the coast, It sort of puts things in perspective to look out over the pacific ocean. I did walk down to Stinson beach this morning so I could take a picture and show you how beautiful and calm and blue it all is. However, I forgot that it's Sunday and the beach was jam packed with giggly kids and equally blissed out surfers and utterly ecstatic dogs of every shape and size. Although it was lovely to see everyone in such a good mood, that wasn't the picture I had in mind, so I took this picture of the lagoon on our way to Point Reyes Station which is yet another lovely place where there is a Bakery called the Bovine bakery, we bought some morning buns and sat on a bench to eat our breakfast and feed the birds. Paradise.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warm & Fuzzy

 It's been a very busy week at the little factory of one, I sewed lots of caterpillar leaves, made a banner out of scraps from my enormous fabric stash, and made these felt balls. I'm trying to get ready for the winter fair at the San Francisco Waldorf School on the 6th of December. I always promise myself that I'll start in January next year but I never am able to really catch up, I think its a problem of setting unrealistic goals for myself. It's so nice to see at least one box full of goodies fill up though.
I've been thinking about artists who are also single parents.
    This weekend Camille and I are going to the beach, I haven't been for over a year and couldn't afford to go now if it were not for a friend who has a cabin there and let's me trade.
It has been the hardest year ever financially and I need a day to read and paint and walk on the beach.
     If you are a single parent like me trying to make a living with your art or craft (There are no jobs here either) I send you my love and support, we have the gift of being able to do what we love and in many cases teach others what we know and love but the money part is very difficult for most of us, and when you single parent there are not alot of pats on the back and quite a bit of criticism. So from me to you, thank-you for taking on the responsibility of single parenting, thank-you for all the times you do your best to play the role of two parents. Thank-you for bringing up children who are surrounded by creativity and for the art you continue to make because you make the world a better place.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nevada Territory

This week I've been in Nevada, a friend of mine is opening an amazing toy shop Called" Little City Items" in Virginia City. She invited me up to spend a few days. and help set up the store. Pam knows everything there is to know about beautiful toys, she was, until a year ago when she sold up and headed for a new adventure, the owner of "The Ark" two stores in San-Francisco and one on Fourth street in Berkeley, all three stores were beautifully designed by her, as is her new store in Virginia City, with help and humor from her husband Jack who is an architect and sculptor. If you are in the area, it's about half an hour from Reno, the drive is spectacular, the history is fascinating and the view from Virginia City is out of this world. Oh, and just incase thats not incentive enough, next weekend they are holding the annual camel races, a tradition since 1960.