Saturday, October 4, 2014

The List

I have a long hallway in my house, every morning there's a little parade.  It's not very pretty to be honest, I generally forgo the bling for an oversized fleece robe, no slave to fashion me! 

We're all a little wobbly and ungainly before kibble and coffee.  Daisy, my cat, at the front, real slowly just to make sure we remember who's in charge around here, then Snoopy, my son's Pitt. why do kids get pets when they leave home and then drop them off with us "temporarily"? not alone in this I know, and then there's me, I rate last in the parade because in their eyes I'm the food delivery service, poop collecter and doorman. They have a point.
 With enough coffee in my system I can be surprisingly efficient! I'm certainly surprised when that happens, so after the animals are fed I sit down with my coffee and make a list. 

Here's today's list....

make heads for skeletons
order glass eyes!
clean walnut shells
ship etsy sales
work on Rio
make beetle armatures 
find box with finished caterpillars
Clear desk top. ( yeah right!)
knit acorns
wash whites 
paint bee pen 
make apple crumble. 
pay credit card... Mostly
sew raven bodies and stuff.

You get the idea, I'm sure you're list is similar,
      Now I wasn't born yesterday, I know there's very little chance I'm going to cross off more than two of these items, and I'm not promising one of them will be "shower".
 some days I add "drink coffee", or "get up", to the list,  it adds a sense of accomplishment to my day to cross off something, I'm not fussy what. 
Recently a friend told me I was doing it all wrong, which seemed pretty likely given the amount of items transferred to the next day, week, or even month, she suggested I wait till the evening and write down anything I may have done that day, then cross the lot off,  pour myself a glass of wine and fugedaboudit!
      I like that idea, I see the beauty in it I really do, but I have the nagging feeling I might be missing something, something with a deadline perhaps....... something that will result in my losing a job perhaps? or being evicted possibly. So I'm staying with the program for now.

I don't really have a pic for this post ,but these are nice aren't they? A real pattern from the 60s, I'm calling them the "cat hair collection" because I rather think they would be helpful in that task.
Caron Dunn

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  1. Ha, I've done the "add stuff to your list so you can cross it off" thing many times. So glad to see you're writing, I love these little glimpses into your world! <3