Friday, July 24, 2009

Simpler Life

Lately, I feel that I'm running very fast and barely keeping pace with everything that needs to be taken care of. I long for a simpler life. A little cottage with a studio within walking distance, the possibility of travel at least once a year, a little garden, long spring and autumn seasons, time to read, a wood-stove to make my morning coffee and a languid stream nearby..... maybe a couple of chickens.
I beleive this little dream is particularly vivid just now because like just about everyone I know, I'm overwhelmed with things that have to be taken care of. I just need a little breathing room to re-assess my priorities, to daydream, to be creative without any agenda beyond the process itself. It's so difficult to find time to do this, and I would so love to learn to take this need seriously enough to put it at the top of my list. Even if all my responsibilities beat furiously at my door. To bolt the door and turn off the phone, to curl up in my chair and write at the top of my list for the day, 1. Daydream.

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