Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The most creative thing I ever did

I have to admit I like this time of year, the weather cools in the evenings and I'm forced to get a bit more organized as Camille starts the school year, it makes both of us feel we've acomplished something big. This is Camille's junior year and with pre-sats and homework packed classes we both know it will have it's difficult days, but I am excited for her and also a little clingy as I think that soon she will go to college and I will miss her desperately but I also know that If I did my job properly she will not miss me as much. And most of all It makes me think how incredibly lucky I am to have her for a daughter and my wonderful kind Nathaniel for a son.


  1. Your kids are gorgeous, and you are an amazing mama! Cord and Julia have been all moved out for a couple of years, and I still miss them horribly... and you're entirely right that they don't miss us nearly as much. However, they still call when silly little things trip them up, and I still hear that I'm Mom and they think I can make it all better (I can't, not all the time, but I sure as heck try!). Clay's 6'2"... it's such a cliché but where did the time go? They were just little things a few minutes ago...

  2. What a beautiful picture Caron. It is so nice to see them together.