Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet the Neighbors

Over the past couple of years wild turkeys have settled in to my neighborhood. This summer the troop of about 10 had chicks and suddenly there were 40 or more gawky chicks, they are no trouble at all except when the big males were showing off in the spring by chasing kids on bikes, the kids were a little freaked at first, but those big ungainly toms with their falsetto voices and can can girl run are hard to take seriously.
Now that autumn is here the flock has thinned out alot, suddenly. I don't like to think that anything sinister has happened but the adults have mostly dissapeared. today I spoke to my neighbor and he told me that on his way to work last week he saw 3 guys catching them, flinging them in a van and driving away.   They've kidnapped my neighbors! I'm very upset about it, but this is not really a sympathetic environment, what with it almost being thanksgiving and all.

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