Friday, November 27, 2009

Art fix

I took my little hermit self to thanksgiving get together yesterday, as usual I thought of a thousand reasons not to go, but the curious gregarious person I used to be made me get in the car and drive there anyway. I'm really glad she did that, I almost always am.
  After a relaxed thanksgiving dinner sitting arount a firepit talking art and the pitfalls of raising a teenager I got to see my host's amazing new paintings, food for body and soul. I got home and watched Charlie Rose's interview with Tim Burton, a great interview. It turns out that Tim, like me, has the attention span of a gnat, cool to see how he's developed the support system to corall that into such amazing work. I get the impression that for him it's about giving up on trying to get himself together and organized and setting goals and all that feel safe stuff, and more about clearing the deck to free the dialogue with his creativity, if the conversation wanders into unexpected territory all the better to see the unexpected everywhere.

   I say this as if I could really do this if I tried, but the truth is that like alot of creative folk I have to sell most things I make just to pay the bills so I can't manage without the lists and computer and cell phone that organise me and distract me. but oh, I ache to try.

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