Wednesday, December 9, 2009

City by the Bay

There's something exhilerating about a great city, San Francisco doubly so because of the slate blue water all around and the crisp gentle sea breeze. It's a city on a very human scale, the buildings are full of whimsy and grace, pale to reflect the sunlight. The people can afford the warmth they share with strangers because they are so spoiled for beauty and art and lovely weather.
       Last Sunday I spent the day at the Waldorf School in the Pacific heights neighborhood. I got up a little late, forgot my camera and lunch at home, and drove down to the city earlyish to set up. This is, I believe, my16th year at the San Francisco Winter Fair. I sell my handmade toys, make new aquaintances, and generally have a great time.
       A little boy, Lincoln, comes to buy one of my little caterpillars each year. Each year he adds a new caterpillar to his bedside collection. We carefully take every one out of the basket and lay them in a row so that he can take the time to choose the one he wants. I love this about him, he considers things carefully, he's my little zen teacher for be here now.
        Sometimes we rush children, I'm already feeling guilty here about all the times I rushed my kids, but hell, guilt that's just being a parent, and I suppose I had my reasons at the time.
       I think about Obama taking his time about the best way forward in Afghanistan, looking at all the angles, making sure all the possibilities have been considered, even if one doesn't like the outcome one has to admire his curiosity and critical mind. Isn't that something we want to encourage in our children? So I'm just saying, when the oppotunity presents itself, there is nothing more beautiful and entertaining, than letting a child take all the time they need to make a decision, however insignificant it may seem to you, like art, its about the process.

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