Monday, February 15, 2010


     I had a friend years ago, who had a name for that moment when everything shifts under your feet and you see the world as if for the first time, he would say that he had seen a "camel".
 A "camel" lasts only a moment, but it takes you completely out of time and space, none of the normal rules apply.  Things settle back into place and you go on with ordinary tasks, but something subtle has changed in you. and you are a little more opened up, fragile and alive somehow. Sometimes a color or a smell can trigger it, sometimes its music, it could be almost anything."Camels" are very rare and precious.
     I've been longing for a one, and thinking about the amazing things I've seen in my life, and as I feel I'm in a bit of a dry spell camelwise Iv'e been hoping that there will be more in my future, something to take my breath a way and amaze me.
The pictures above are of the little giantess, a giant puppet made and operated by  Royal Luxe.

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  1. Jeff used to call that feeling a shift on your astral plane.

    I hope you find your little miracle soon!