Friday, January 21, 2011


My world is about to change, My baby is off to college, after all the applications and portfolio reviews and finals and somewhere in there the holidays. Now the fafsa is submitted and she has had her first couple of acceptance letters. It's really happening. I am a rats nest of emotions about it. Come september I will be without a kid at home for the first time in 29 years.
      I'm afraid I haven't taught her everything she needs to know, and this has resulted in my turning into the talking encyclopedia of random stuff I may have missed telling her, and believe me when I say she is SO not listening now.
     I'm excited at the prospect of rediscovering who I am when I'm alone, and worry a little that I might not be at all impressed, and then theres that small but persistant nagging fear that I may disappear in a puff of obsolescence. .......  but I've been parenting long enough now to know it never really ends.
See what I mean, rats nest.


  1. Where is she going? Congratulations! Clay is still hanging out here in Chicago, going to community college (cheap!) and working as a lifeguard at his school... he's not sure what he'd going to do, but he's all of a sudden fallen in love with France, so maybe a trip there? Julia is in Seattle, waiting to hear about her grad school app to UCLA (neuroscience), and Cordell is in Sonoma, staying with my dad and studying physics and astronomy at Santa Rosa JC. I'm hoping to do a long trip to CA in the spring, and I'd love to sit down with you over Konditorei and coffee... oh! I thought of you when I got this for Linc at Christmas: ... it's all photos from a quilt, just gorgeous. Thankfully, he was still young enough to appreciate it... he also loves Grandfather Twilight, which you recommended to me so many years ago. They're both perfect bedtime stories, gentle and beautiful and rich and calm.

    xoxo, Katje

  2. Hi Caron: I think you are surrounded by angels. You once told me that (7 years ago) when I was going through my helped me so much! Angel has been going to Sac City College since last fall and will be out of the house in the fall of 2012. I get to keep her for a little bit longer. She is loving college and doing very well--wanting to be a doctor. But it is a very bitter/sweet notion that she will be leaving home soon. I love your blog--your artwork is divine. I wish you well. Love and hugs, Sharon

  3. Hi Katje, yes, lets do finally get together this summer, your kids seem to be doing just great, Neuroscience eh! thats impressive she always was a smart feisty little cookie, and it's obviously paying off. Camille hasn't decided which college to go to and Iv'e been trying to be helpful, but the internet just confuses the issue with contradictory rankings and reveiws. I ended up meeting Dave for a beer and he had this great zen, way of looking at it, he made me feel so much better and the beer didn't hurt either. Gene just called, he says hi and hopes your well. love, Caron