Saturday, March 17, 2012

This weeks makes

I've been working away on a pen for PENSCAPES, a bay area company that specializes in the most amazing writing instruments. this week I thought you might like a peek at my progress. Painting this tiny is very time consuming and poses all kinds of challenges that I hadn't anticipated when I began. But anyone who knows me knows I live to learn and I really enjoy the miniature format. This will be my 6th pen for this company. You can see finished pens as well as stunning vintage and antique pens at
Of course there was more to make! more walnut babies......
and my little temporary lodger to clean up after.


  1. I could only find the bee and the pussywillows... WOW how exquisite! Absolutely gorgeous work!

  2. why thank-you. The website needs a little love and organizing......
    May is almost here, looking forward to seeing you.