Monday, April 30, 2012

Input please!

I need to do something new with the blog, as the weather has changed and Im trying to learn to blog a little better. what do you think of the dynamic layout? you can change views to the one that suits your taste by clicking in the header bar. Too Much?????


  1. Looks nice so far, not sure how it will look with images (of which I hope you will post many!). Works with my Google RSS reader, so that's all I really care about!

  2. can you not see images? I wonder what I did wrong? I can see them. and yes I have lots of new ones to post, when are you going to be here?

  3. I can see the header image and the three to the right, just none in the post itself. And since I read your blog via RSS, it won't really matter.

    I think I'll be back by the end of August or early September... I'll know more in a few weeks. Can't wait! Love your little black-and-silver drawings!