Monday, June 14, 2010

Still Life with Plate of Cherries

    My daughter left today for a two week trip to France. This time tomorrow she'll be arriving in Paris. she will see the Louvre and the Orsay and so many other places and paintings I'd love to share with her some day. I'm so happy for her and I already miss her.
But I plan to make the most of time to myself.
    The house is very quiet, I want it that way. I went to the store and bought fish and lettuce and san pelegrino for dinner, I have been trying to please my children's taste's for so many years that I may have to rediscover what I like to eat when I'm alone.
I have so many Ideas for things I will accomplish while she's away
partial list just off the top of my head:

Pull up the carpet in my bedroom and lay pergo.
Learn some sign language.
Make some dolls for my winter show.
Design a fabric and have it printed on spoonflower.
Re-write my children's story.
Get new moo cards printed.
learn to draw hands better.

I love to make lists, I feel as though I've accomplished something even though I've only written a list of things to accomplish. Tomorrow I will make a real list, one that includes all the commitments I already have for the time she's away. This time I have a new strategy, and this is so new to me it knocks my socks off to think that I've never tried this before! this time I will attempt to edit the list down to what is actually physically possible in the allotted time.
Now I'm going for a walk. will wonders never cease!


  1. I wish you the best in accomplishing your goals! Quiet time is sooooo important. Now that school is over, I too have goals to rewrite a couple of stories, watercolour, finish making some handmade books and replenishing! I am going to France next year, being that I am a French teacher and I want to be return to my beloved Provence. I hope your daughter enjoys herself! Anita

  2. Oh! I maybe going to Castles in the Air next week; I am visiting my sister-in-law and I know you know her? Anita

  3. I do know Ulla, but not very well yet. I'm hoping we can scedule monthly get togethers for the teachers at Castle and I can get to know her better, I love what she makes. Lucky you to be going to Provence, I haven't been there for many years. Camille will be in Dole for most of her stay. I will be teaching the mouse class this friday at castle.
    love, Caron.

  4. Ahhh. So that is what I've been doing wrong ... making lists without editing them down to what is actually doable!! What a concept!

  5. My secret... add things that you do to the list you have, and cross them off right away.

    Sometimes the list looks like:
    Get out of bed
    Take shower
    Get dressed
    Feed child

    but when it's all crossed off, I feel like I did SOMETHING, even if it was mundane.

    Enjoy the quiet house and the Caron-centric food!

  6. Oh yeah.....I'm SO on to that little trick Katja, anyone with my level of distractability needs little tricks like that. We're in the midst of a 100º heatwave, remember those? I'm fraid to go out!