Monday, June 7, 2010

too much of a good thing

 I was at a meeting at someone's home this evening. My hostess's collections of ceramics and masks and textiles were tastefully displayed, her photos and paintings in frames on the walls. Her home was a cosy orderly nest of art.
       My collections are are forced to live in boxes and untidy piles all over the house, Old encyclopedias under my bed, paint brushes, crochet hooks, knitting needles, pliers and pencils fill jars and vases. Stacks of old books that are missing their covers or water damaged hauled home because of the wonderful engravings they contain. (see the odd gem above). In my defense, I feel the need tons of visual stimulation to get through my day, but If I don't do something about organising it soon I'm going to end up like one of those people you see on tv that have to have the authorities come and dig them out from their hoarding ways.

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